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Quality education is the key to success

 Accomplishments and Ongoing Work

  • Seconded Motion to rename Justice High School and  assisted in developing a policy to select Appropriate Names for our Schools
  • Supported the adoption of the One Fairfax Policy that strives to deliver education in an equitable manner
  • Adopted a balanced budget that provides competitive salaries for our employees and seeks to reduce class sizes
  • Focused on continuing efforts to improve our discipline process, eliminate disparities, improve restorative efforts and keep kids in school 
  • Sponsored motion to improve access to Advanced Academics for all students including our special education community
  • Presented motion to provide funding for Behavior Intervention teachers that will reduce discipline referrals and support inclusiveness efforts.
  • Reviewing our anti-bullying efforts so that our kids feel safe in a caring culture
  • Educating our kids on Opioid and other addictive substance abuse
  • Improving our response to sexual misconduct offenses
  • Presented motion to support menstrual equity 
  • Support our efforts to improve our environmental stewardship
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